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Crack Source. Look, just RP here.
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{look, just rp here}
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Post anything you want, with anyone you want, wherever and whenever you want.

Sounds too simple? It's not. Lately all the RP places online seem to be set on imposing limits on us, the players. Crack Source is an attempt to let you have fun - you know, the original reason you started role playing.

Try to keep it grammatically correct, try to be considerate, try to be creative, try to - yeah, you got it. No rules here, just suggestions.
1. Yes, you can play that character here. No, really.

2. That idea? You can do that.

3. For the last time, tag your posts! It goes "canon: character" and "journal: journalname".

4. Blah blah label your kinky incest rape or whatnot.

5. Keep it real.
Occasionally we'll have community-wide events here just to spice things up. Like everything else, they're not mandatory, but participation is definitely encouraged, as well as suggestions! You guys are what make this place run.

Scheduling is up to the mods for the most part, but submit ideas to events post and we'll all get in on it. Check back often to see what's coming up and what others have suggested. We'll list dates here in this box once we've decided.
Your running mods are Vivi and Ca.

If you notice any coding errors or problems with the layout and whatnot, contact Vivi; player relations, complaints, and other issues should be directed to Ca.

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