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"Seven hours ahead," Fred mumbled, poking at his pocketwatch as he moved the hour hand around. "Seven hours, eleven minus seven is, fuck, it's... early. Whazzit."

Fred was drunk. Not exceptionally drunk, but enough that he couldn't figure out simple math, and enough that he desperately craved a chili dog. Not enough, however, to drunk-dial anyone. But probably drunk enough that he shouldn't try to get home on his own, even just on his tinny bicycle.

All in all, not the best way of judging sobriety, but there it was.

He was on his fourth pint of dark beer, trying to figure out what time he needed to activate his portkey. Wait, where was the portkey -- oh, wait, totally back home. With his luggage! Right. Would have to go home sometime. Sometime before the time he needed to leave. What time was that, again?

If anyone asked why Fred had seen fit to get rather roaring drunk the night before seeing his family for the first time in over a decade, he would've easily avoided the question. Truth was, Fred was scared shitless. Also, being drunk made portkeys easier, a fact he and George had been pleased to discover many years beforehand. Plus, no matter how wasted you were when the hook took hold right under your belly button, you felt as sober as a daisy at the end of the trip. Sure, you also felt as sick as -- well, a very sick thing, but that was okay. Kind of.

Where could a man get a chili dog in Riverton, anyway?
25 February 2009 @ 04:29 pm
James Moriarty, consulting detective and erstwhile mathematician, is no stranger to unusual occurences.  He views life with an equal mix of rapt fascination and cold detachment.

Nonetheless, he did not expect the world around him to disappear, presenting itself in a bizarre and unfamiliar new form.

"My consulting room has...vanished," he observes.

He sighs, setting down his book. It will make a nice break from the Drago affair, at least...
25 February 2009 @ 09:20 am
She was short, almost five foot four. Her black hair hung almost to her waist and her green eyes stared straight ahead. For all intents and purposes, she was just your average teen girl, walking through New York on a slightly chilly day. Don't let looks fool you. She's a dangerous little thing.

Watch as the dangerous X-23 heads into a pet store and ...buys a bag of kitten chow. Oh, yes. Fierce killing machine here. As she waited in line, her eyes kept drifting to the front window where a group of puppies played. She wanted one. Oh, did she want a dog. Her cat was enough though.

For now.
A pond not unlike the one found in the St. James Park in London popped into existence somewhere within the community. It came complete with ducks, rushes, and a battered toy sailboat.

Moments later, a man in glasses, a brown jacket, and a green tartan scarf appeared beside it. He frowned slightly. The sailboat righted itself, gleaming with new varnish, and skipped peacefully over the water at a leisurely clip. "I suppose that's better," muttered Aziraphale.

He took out bread crusts and began to tear them up for the ducks.
24 February 2009 @ 06:11 pm
Emilie bristles through the corridor, carrying important things. Said important things are scattered when she bumps into an important person. Scratch that: persons.

"Jess." She blinks, wide-eyed, and bends to gather her reports.
24 February 2009 @ 03:59 pm
[ Just because I can. ]

Ennis leads the way to a joint he and Jack used to stop at. Admittedly, it were more of a bar. But that was more Ennis and Jack's thing--drinkin. He and Fred's thing could be eatin.

Not that he and Fred had a thing.

"Well, they got bar-food an' the like," he answers, already halfway down the not-too-busy street, jacket half-shrugged on.
24 February 2009 @ 01:27 pm
Have an idea for a community-wide event? Let me know here! Once we have something planned, I'll put up a calendar or a list or whatever.

Uh. Yeah, we're totally with it here. XD

We could start with an old standard like genderswap or age regression, but I think a themed one could be cool. Mermaids? Political forum? Royalty? How in depth should we go with that?

Let me know, guys. :) Go ahead and start posting!